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story of bohemian homes

We built 3 houses in 1 year

We started building Bohemian Homes shortly after the pandemic broke out in the spring of 2020. That time main income from our Adventure travel agency Bohemia Adventures fell Zero due to all the lockdowns. But we had already entered in Bohemian Homes train and we didn't want to (and couldn't haha) jump out of it. Instead of our grand plans and agreed developers, only the two of us appeared on the land that resembled an overgrown forest of 3,000 m2. I was that time 6 months pregnant and knew absolutely nothing about construction or building anything in general. My husband Ash is from Himalayas and coudn´t speak a word of Czech, so together we made a great team to build three houses in one year.

story of bohemian homes


We managed to build everything mainly thanks to the help of our immediate family. We were most lucky with amazing friends and neighbors. Their golden advices and fully equipped garage constantly saved us. All we had was wheelbarrow and one shovel at the start of this project. “ The idea to build a holiday retreat, where we could offer to our guests an oasis of peace, comfort, quality accommodation and well-being in complete privacy on the edge of the forest, came shortly after my husband and I met in India few years ago.” Vladka Combining the best of East and West is a key for us. We did not find anything similar in our wide area and after more than 15 years of living abroad and travelling around the world we knew exactly which direction we wanted to go. We were attracted by a wooden building with a modern design and large glass windows.


Dubldom and their offer of modular wooden houses was a clear choice for us. The cooperation with them went perfectly and until now we can only praise them. The first family house with a total size of 75 m2, including the terrace, was built in 6 months and assembled on the land within 4 days. Amazing. House stands on piers up to 1.7 m above the ground, but is fully insulated, including fireplaces, and is used for year-round accommodation. We named it Buddha Home and were living in it for half a year through the winter months to catch any flies and complete another part of the land.


Dubldom is our only developer. We did all the earthwork, including connections, landscaping and garden ourselves. We created and now manage this website on our own as well. I was in charge of all the communication with suppliers plus acted as the main transporter of materials. Ash, who comes from India with mechanical and software engineering background, put on working gloves and has not take them off for two years.


In the spring of 2021, after living with our little baby Mauri in Buddha house for almost 6 months, we were ready to offer it to our first guests. Our hard work and vision was straightaway transparent in our guests face with their big smile, hugs and kind words. This gave us so much motivation to keep working hard and adding more value to our guests experience. The Romantic Getaway home for two joined Bohemian homes retreat a few months later in September of 2021. So far our last house called Shiva Home was ready to welcome first guests at the end of November of the same year 2021. I designed the interior of all homes and Ash put all together to give the cosiness of home that you feel inside Bohemian Homes. All decorations, including hammocks, are imported from common trips around the world, especially from Bali, Colombia, Costa Rica and India. We added custom made wooden sauna with glass views and an outdoor whirlpool at the end of 2021. Wellness area was measured to fit in the landscape as a extra value for our guests. While working on the construction of all the houses, we also created the garden area and the surroundings of the houses ourselves including planting over 250 trees and plants.


Hello/Namaste and Ahoj!! Vladka, Ash and their son Mauri with border collie Benji are happy and excited to welcome you in Bohemian Homes! Vladka was born here in this region and thanks to her wonderful family and adventurous nature, she knows every corner of this mountain countryside. She travelled the world for 10 years and lived in beautiful places like Canada, Costa Rica and Australia while working in Travel industry. During one of her travels through India, she met Ash, who was born and raised in Himalayas but lived in the UK for 12 years. Ash graduated in mechanical engineering from Cambridge and worked in engineering, software and IT industry. Vladka brought Ash to ride on her world of snowboarding and downhill mountain biking while Ash introduced her to the world of mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. Their unique life experiences, education and skills, combined with their work ethic and adventurous spirit, created the Bohemian Homes. Now the Bohemian Homes team, consist of our amazing family, neighbours and incredible friends work together to give you an amazing experience. We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and recharge your batteries, which is more than necessary at this time. We can´t wait to welcome you!

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